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Personal Injury

Dog Bite Belgian Dog

Typically in the state of Washington, Dog or Other Animal Bites fall under the category of strict liability. This means pet owners are responsible for their animals and the damage caused by a bite. This includes damages for medical bills, lost wages, loss of enjoyment in life, emotional distress, and other damages. Usually, the homeowners insurance of the pet’s owner pays for this. We can help you in the negotiation process and eventually litigation if the insurance company refuses to settle.

Car and Truck Accidents Firefighters Helping Injuried Woman

We stand up to insurance companies and protect the rights of personal injury victims throughout Washington. The insurance company is the opposing party in most cases. Even your insurance company is seeking to limit exposure. If you were injured in an auto accident and you are concerned about the insurance company trying to avoid providing fair compensation, call us today at (253) 234-1934. We educate and advocate for you and your loved ones.

Motorcycle Accidents Fatal Motorcycle Accident

By the time an inattentive or distracted driver sees a motorcyclist it may be too late. Drivers are increasingly becoming more and more distracted and causing motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists should be justly compensated for the injuries they sustain caused by the negligence of another. If you have been injured in an accident, call us for a free case evaluation.

Wrongful Death Young Woman at Funeral

Losing a family member is extremely painful. The attorneys at Seacoma Law are not just passionate about the law, they are compassionate and understanding advocates for their clients. If you are ever in need of our services, we are here to help . Choosing an attorney that you feel comfortable with is important, and we will do all we can to help you feel comfortable. We offer a free consultation to discuss your case and the next steps to take.

Client Reviews
"Mr Yetter was hired specifically to represent me in a contentious divorce with parenting plan/support complexities. During our consultation appointment, he listened intently with compassion. Asked thoughtful, pertinent questions and laid out a progression plan. There were multiple court, mediation appointments. He was always present and prepared. No litigation is easy, but I've found his willingness to be flexible and pivot quickly under time constraints to be a reassuring quality." Melanie
"I hired Mr. Yetter, in a tough time in my life. He was both understanding and knowledgeable. I would use him again in a heartbeat." Donald
"Matt Yetter expertly and with sensitivity helped me prepare for and surmount a challenging divorce, where I initially felt overwhelmed and outgunned. Matt was patient and empathic, assisting me to establish and maintain goals that served my best interests and that were ethical to both parties. Despite my presenting challenges as a client (strongly felt emotions and ambivalence), Matt deftly and compassionately guided me through legal, situational and personal steps to achieve all desired ends to my satisfaction." John