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When a parenting plan has been put in place by the court, whether temporary or permanent, the relocation statutes are triggered when a parent with at least 45% of residential time with the child intends to relocate or relocates. If you are parent who has at least 45% residential time and are considering relocation or you are a parent who has less than 45% of the residential time and the other parent is relocating, do not hesitate to contact our Pierce County and King County Family Law Attorneys today to discuss your situation. It is important to take action before it is too late.

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"Mr Yetter was hired specifically to represent me in a contentious divorce with parenting plan/support complexities. During our consultation appointment, he listened intently with compassion. Asked thoughtful, pertinent questions and laid out a progression plan. Their were multiple court, mediation...

- Melanie

"I hired Mr. Yetter, in a tough time in my life. He was both understanding and knowledgeable. I would use him again in a heartbeat."

- Donald

"Matt Yetter expertly and with sensitivity helped me prepare for and surmount a challenging divorce, where I initially felt overwhelmed and outgunned. Matt was patient and empathic, assisting me to establish and maintain goals that served my best interests and that were ethical to both parties...

- John R., Auburn

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